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A moment of reflection.

At an art exhibition last year, I was walking with my wife when I turned and said to her, “Kay, I was just thinking, what if…” but she wasn’t there. As I turned the corner to see where she had gone, I saw this 8’ by 6’ piece of art by Ricci Albenda with these exact words…


I stopped in my tracks, as I knew that this moment in time would have a significant effect on my future thought process.

As I left the exhibition, my head was stuck inside that painting and those simple words…”I WAS JUST THINKING”. That evening, during dinner with friends, I was sharing my emotions of the day and reminiscing about similar feelings I had felt all those years ago. As Kay and I got into a taxi, it hit me…why that painting had affected me so. For the past few years, I had been doing a lot of talking, and a lot of thinking. In fact, I had spent so much time saying those words, “I was just thinking”, that they seemed to contribute to my stagnation. The problem was that I wasn’t DOING, I was just talking and thinking. I was scared to make something happen for fear of failure. And then I remembered a statement. “The person who doesn’t make mistakes doesn’t make anything.” That’s exactly what had happened to me, I just couldn’t see it. I had spent so much time outmaneuvering my own thought process.

The moral of the story is…

“Think what you do, but do what you think.”

As this year is at it’s half way mark I am happy to say that I have been DOING a lot more of what Iv’e been thinking!

Please explore my new works on this rebuilt website.


Learn to live life as if there is no tomorrow, when you breathe, take a deeper breath, really taste the food you eat as it dissolves in your mouth, try to fall into a deeper sleep as if you are falling through a corridor of dreams, focus on the details, the art of seeing is to look with sharper eyes, try to live in the moment and be totally alive to whatever is surrounding you, when you laugh, laugh like your lungs would want you to, and when you get angry, don’t hold back, try to be alive in everything you do, because unfortunately life is shorter than we care to admit. So learn to live life as if there is no tomorrow.



Believe in yourself.

Stay up all night if needs be.

Work outside of your normal habits.

Know when to speak up.

Collaborate or else.

Stop procrastinating.

Learn to get over yourself.

Keep learning.

Find inspiration from whatever surrounds you.


Trust your instincts.

Ask for help.

Question everything.

Always have a concept.

Learn to take some criticism.

Make us all care.

Do your research.

Come up with more ideas.

Within the problem contains the solution.

Oh! and, think about all the possibilities.


Here is a hair design I created in 1978.

As I glance back at my hairdressing career, and have come to the conclusion that being a hairdresser was definitely the foundation of what I’ve learned so far as an artist. I see images done in my head the same way I saw a head of hair finished. I believe that making mistakes is part of your growth structure, because in order to be free to discover and break new boundaries, you must never think of how it may go wrong. After all it’s your creation, so therefore there are no rules, as long as there is a visual relationship that is pleasing to your eye, your growth will continue.

rosanna's hat 1978 copy