I am not sure whether or not my work is considered reconstruction or deconstruction, so I’ve decided to call it De-Reconstruction. As an image-maker in such shifting times, I believe it is my role to try and capture new paradigms in the world of hair and beauty, or at least seed a new idea.

The new De-Reconstruction movement of Collage fits perfectly into our current culture, more than any other art movement today, because the rich visual material provides a wealth of inspiration, that few other media’s of the visual arts can offer.

When it comes to collage, my process is far more about finding, than it is about creating. I enjoy showing strange details within the images that I create. This style of work is driven by the thought that there are meaningful things that can come out of preexisting imagery, and I have to find a way to isolate and re-present those within a new image. Collage can be a really fickle medium; it seems like such an easy thing to do, but so difficult to create any subtlety to it. But what I really like about collage is that it gives me the ability to work faster than any other art form, and it always puts a smile on my face.
Creating a De-Reconstruction collage is like assembling a fictional character that doesn’t exist.
Because your not quiet sure if they are real or not.