My idea of Maximalism celebrates richness, excess, strangeness and secrecy. The story embraces the freedom to be bold, to create something that has not yet been seen.

Maximalism is big, bold, excessive, intense and just a bit crazy, you either love it or hate it, it can be overwhelming, totally consuming, it doesn’t play by the rules, perhaps that’s why I love it so much.

As we delve into a world of surfaces and effects that are over exaggerated and call for instant attention, encouraging a new realm of possibilities, that leave us asking, what and how? triggering new ideas and exciting developments to form. This experimental approach brings a powerful edge to the story, with hair and make up taking on a new aesthetic.

Illusory and mystifying techniques are at the forefront, and imagery within Maximalism reflects an intriguing narrative, that creates a level of insecurity, where we feel we have been deceived, but not betrayed, as our curiosity wants us to experience more. This is a story about surface and effect, Maximalism is full of hidden depths with hints of mystery driving the hair to take on more of a material approach. Illusory qualities bring a new visual tactility with a juxtaposition of matt, gloss, stained, polished and metallic finishes, which is key for inventing new textured surfaces. So we will be seeing a stronger focus on the finish with gloss, matt, and metallic textures all uniting in one scheme. Hair textures will have, lacquered effects, latex, lacing and stitching, blackened colors, dark crystals, all evoke a sense of intrigue.
The Maximalism approach is; unafraid to take risks, which generates a new and dramatic presence.

I’ve always veered towards a maximalist approach, regardless of what genre I work in, as I love intricate details that give the work a visual richness. I interpret maximalism as being lots of elements working together as a whole, its not just a random assortment of colors, shapes and style, everything still has to be considered, how I compose the elements, composition and texture, its more to do with art direction than photography.