Image Manipulation

The computer and digital manipulation has become one of our most useful aids in the last 25 years.

The first time we encountered the power of technology in image creation was in the early 90’s, when digital manipulation came to the forefront.

As much as we loved the graceful sweeps of the retoucher’s brush, we knew the medium of photography was undergoing a change, and we wanted to change with it. But how does one embrace a technology that one has no clue about, well that’s how it felt for us when we encountered the huge powerful Quantel Paintbox and Barco Creator computers in post production houses in the early 90’s. I realized that digital post-production offered limitless possibilities that could change the way we would look at imagery in the world of hair and beauty forever.

This was both inspiring and exciting, but frustrating to have someone else at the controls, so in February 1993 Kay and I took the challenge and purchased our first Apple Mac computer and we have never looked back.

One of our first digital compositions “Roselips” still stands the test of time.

Image manipulation allows us to tell stories by composing visuals that cannot be completely captured on camera, an inspiring way to experiment and create. But the magic and power of ideas quite clearly spring from the heart and soul, which in turn gives us the opportunity to create fantastic and imaginary worlds that leave reality behind.

There are many times when we can’t imagine what an end result might be when photographing it until we see it on the computer screen, Kay has a unique sensitivity with hair and visual composition, and makes my sometimes crazy ideas a reality.