Remix, Re-design, Re-interpret, Re-invent, Re-discover.

Some of the images in this section are a starting point for a dialogue between what is real, and what is imagined, which at times can be very unclear. Perhaps that’s what’s so fascinating about computer imagery, as it allows one to evoke a magical quality to the image, because it describes something unimaginable.

So, by taking some of my images apart, Remixing them and looking at them in a totally different way, gave me a sense of modern nostalgia.

What links all the images in this section is the use of image manipulation. The possibilities that this technology provides have unleashed some powerful imaginations, they bring together a level of perfection and finesse that we have all come accustomed to. So if the work you have been viewing seems to look natural or realistic, it does so to deceive. The realism that is used is to make the image look real, and the manipulation is there to cause sufficient doubt in what you are looking at. Most of these images would have been impossible to realize without computers, because they are not hampered by reality, all you need is a little imagination.